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While Holbeton Painting works with a wide range of customers, all have a common objective - a very high quality painted kitchen. 

Recently, we've painted new, fresh out of the box, Howden style kitchens to give a bespoke look at the fraction of the cost of going to a designer kitchen company. We've also painted bespoke hand-made kitchens from both local joiners/carpenters and also national companies such as Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch. 

Whatever your kitchen painting requirement, we're here to help! Drop us a line if you are looking for a kitchen & furniture painter in the South Hams, Devon or Cornwall.

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Modern Town House: Transforming a Wood-effect Kitchen


This modern house had a wood-effect (vinyl-wrapped) kitchen that was fitted in 2010. The layout worked well but the overall impression created a confining and rather dark space. The owner was looking for a more up to date, painted finish to match the stone/cream/cool neutral finish of the rest of the house. After receiving some samples from Holbeton Painting, the chosen finish was Little Greene Linen Wash. A fully itemised quote was provided, which included both materials and the breakdown of the work involved.


Preparation is everything. All the doors, frames, cornices and plinths were comprehensively cleaned with Krud Kutter to de-grease and provide a keyed surface. Any dings/dents/splinters were carefully filled and sanded to provide a blemish free finish. The doors are removed prior to the frames being masked up ready for their specialist primer. 


In a typical kitchen project the preparation work usually takes up 1/4 of the total project time. This level of attention to detail is something that separates the specialist skills of Holbeton Painting from a general decorator and ensures a flawless and long lasting finish. All of the cabinet frames, end pieces, plinths and cornices are painted to match the doors


Holbeton Painting uses specialist racking equipment to ensure a rapid and efficient production process. Doors can be painted in-situ or taken off-site to our workshop.Two coats of primer are applied before two top coats, with sanding between each coat. Using specialist brushes and techniques used in the luxury yacht industry, the final finish of each door is flawless, while still managing to convey the unmistakeable high end impression of a custom, hand-painted bespoke kitchen. Once dry, the doors are married up, adjusted and the kitchen cleaned down. 


Finally the doors are refitted and the handles are attached. A final polish and the new kitchen has been completed, ready to deliver many more years’ service. The up to date look perfectly complemented the rest of the house while also giving the impression of a much more open, lighter and wider space. All achieved at the fraction of the cost, effort and hassle of a brand new kitc

Village House - Bare Wood to Painted Finish

Village House: Decorating a brand new painted kitchen from scratch

The owner of this Devon village house had a new kitchen extension built. They sourced a kitchen from Handmade Kitchens Direct of Christchurch, who delivered a made to measure, solid wood kitchen. By the way, a number of our clients have recommended this company, amazing value and quality. All of the kitchen arrive in a bare wood state. Holbeton Painting was commissioned to transform this naked kitchen into the finished, high end article. 

The kitchen was fitted by the client's builder and left ready for painting. Holbeton Painting sourced the knobs and splashback as part of the overall design. Even a new naked kitchen requires preparation. The combination of different wood types (tulipwood, oak and MDF) meant that careful attention had to be given to priming of the surfaces to ensure good adhesion while still alllowing this 'natural' kitchen room to breathe and move over time without damaging or cracking the final finish. 


The client had started the project with a single picture from a magazine of her 'perfect' kitchen. Using only this (by now rather crumpled!) photograph and a pebble she had collected from the beach (no, really), Holbeton Painting was able to match the paint colour and get the necessary specialist paints mixed up, including tinted primers which ensure there is real depth of colour in the final finish. 


To provide contrast and interest, the freestanding dresser unit was left in its natural wood finish. Holbeton Painting sanded down the oak using our specialist dustless sanding equipment which allows us to work in situ without creating the mess normally associated with this task. A final finish of Fiddes Hard Wax Oil in matt was applied by hand. This tough finish preserves the look of the natural oak (many DIY oils and stains often 'cheapen' the finish of natural oak and are inferior in terms of protection and durability)

Trade Secret - Glass splashbacks are very popular and an excellent practical choice. However, it can be hard to find one in exactly the right colour. A great alternative (and professional secret!) is to simply use clear toughened glass over a painted wall or even oil cloth.  Its also easily changed if you get bored.  

The contrast of the smart gray units with natural oak, and an unexpected injection of colour from the sailing boat oil cloth, gave the client her dream kitchen. A modern interpretation of a timeless Shaker style classic for this Devon village house. 

17th Century Cottage Kitchen Transformation


The new owner of this pretty, C17th half-timbered cottage had been forced to spend more than anticipated on some repair work, which meant that the money they had put aside for a new kitchen was depleted. Luckily, they heard of Holbeton Painting from their builder and we set to work on their behalf. The total budget for the transformation was under £1,400. 

The existing kitchen was nearly 20 years old, but in good condition with solid oak frames and doors. A painted finish was agreed on, with new handles and tiles to create a classic country look. 


The original units were dated but in good condition. The tiles really showed the age of the kitchen and needed replacing. Prior to any painted kitchen work starting, the units were cleaned and de-greased, ready for the prep work. We used specialist cleaning chemicals for this task. The old shiny brass handles were removed and the holes filled. All bare wood knots were sealed. 

Finally, the tiles were strippped from the wall.


All painted and doors re-attached, ready for the new tiles. In this kitchen a very pretty, small natural marble tile was used, classic and timeless. Marble makes a great splashback and given the relatively small number needed, is an affordable way of introducing a very high quality material into the kitchen. These little touches make a big difference to the end result. 


The end of the kitchen leads into an open plan dining/hall area. To tie the kitchen to the rest of the room, a contrasting paint finish was used for the side and front of the peninsula. The main cupboard units were painted in Farrow & Ball's Pointing and the end of the peninsula in Little Greene Paint Co. French Gray (to match the front door). 


Our client was very pleased with the final result, a classic country kitchen was created out of an very dated early 1990's design. As the cottage had so much existing character (which we hope the picture shows) it was important to create a calm and uncompeting look with the finished kitchen. Classic painted cream units, natural materials from the marble and a stripped and re-oiled worktop were all that it took to create this balance. 


The final invoice was for £1,400, which is less than 10% of the cost of replacing a kitchen of this quality. This was one of the first projects for Holbeton painting and we are pleased to say that several years later it is still looking as good as the day we finished. 

Family Kitchen - A quick re-paint


July 2017 - Following the refresh (see below) the owner decided she wanted to introduce a splash of colour. Following consultation with us, a duck egg blue was chosen for the island. An easy injection of style and contemporary design into this classic kitchen.


The second photo is a close up to show the type of finish. This island has been painted in a very flat matt premium paint finish. All finishes are available, there is no difference in durability between them, its simply a question of personal preference.


Feb 2017 - This hard working, family kitchen was only a few years old and at first glance still looked fresh and clean. However, daily life with 2 toddlers and a dog, was starting to take its toll on this painted wooden kitchen.

 The owner wanted some 'preventative maintenance' done before it deteriorated any further and so asked Holbeton Painting to re-paint the units in their original colour - Fired Earth's Chalk White.  The most important objective was that the kitchen had to remain usable throughout the project, dogs and toddlers still needed to be fed! 


As most people only have one kitchen, its not unusual that Holbeton Painting is asked to ensure that the kitchen remains in use during the project. The key to achieving this is to quickly remove the kitchen cupboard doors from all units and take them away to our workshop.


The frames and end panels can then be painted over a few hours in the middle of the day. Our specialist kitchen cupboard paint is water based, non-toxic and very quick drying, ensuring that the kitchen is ready for the end of school rush!


This project was completed over a period of two weeks, with the kitchen remaining in use throughout. All the cupboards were left with their contents inside. Holbeton Painting uses advanced, dustless sanding equipment, which means that mess and disruption is absolutely minimal. 


High wear areas (around sinks, islands, cupboard doors, etc) are treated to an additional layer of specialist undercoat/primer before repainting. This Scandinavian made, super-adhesive layer ensures the new finish is even more durable than the original.


At the end of the project the kitchen was treated to a final adjustment of doors and drawers which inevitably move over time. The task of painting kitchen units was complete. 

The owner was very pleased with the result and in her words said that if it wasn't for the sparkling finish, she wouldn't even have known we had been there. We hope that is a complement!