Hand painted wood kitchen

Our Pricing Philosophy

How we price for painting your kitchen

Holbeton Painting prides itself on offering a pricing policy which is different to the standard £100 per door guidelines offered by many specialist kitchen painting websites.  We believe not all kitchens are created equally, therefore such a binary approach is unfair.

Here's why...

From experience, a simple shaker style kitchen installed in the last 10 years requires a lot less preparation than a 20 year old knotty waxed orange pine kitchen, that's absorbed kitchen grease over the years.  They both undergo thorough prep but whereas one is a simple matter of removing any surface grease and providing a key, the other involves the complete removal of all the wax, usually filling the knots to create a smooth surface, knotting solution to stop bleeding etc. There is a time difference in the preparation per unit and Holbeton Painting believes this should be reflected in the price charged. 

The style of the door is also taken into consideration, a flat modern style door takes less time to paint than a two/three panelled door with intricate moulding. Again, Holbeton Painting takes this into consideration.

Some kitchens have display cupboards, over mantels, cooker hoods etc and some are in-frame where the doors have exposed hinges and fit into a gap within the frames, others have concealed hinges and sit on the frames.  It sometimes takes longer to prep and paint an in-frame kitchen, as not only the fronts of the frames need painting, but also the inside edges as these can be seen.  The doors sometimes need trimming down as over time they have expanded and now rub.  Again, there is a time difference when prepping and painting these different styles.  

Handles can also be replaced and if it’s a like-for-like swap then this is included in the price.  However, if new holes are in a different place to the originals, the old holes will need to filled and sanded back (usually two or three times for a completely smooth finish) and the new positions marked and drilled.  

So...how much?

Holbeton Painting considers all these different elements to provide an estimate.  This will be a realistic price with most kitchens actually coming in at below the estimated price.

Holbeton Painting generally charges between £55 to £100 per unit, which includes the frame, door plus its bit of cornice/pelmet and end panel if seen.  Once prepped, each piece is painted with at least four coats of paint (including the backs of the doors and drawers), to give a robust, long-lasting finish.

Extras are charged for painting the inside of display cabinets,  shelves, cooker hoods etc but again these are priced individually, not necessarily charged at the same rate as the unit. 

A refurbished hand-painted kitchen is the most economical way to upgrade and extend the life of a functional but tired kitchen, but a lot of time and effort does go into making it look like new. Having your kitchen painted by a professional is not the budget option, but it is considerably cheaper than a new kitchen. 

If you'd like to find out more please contact us and we can provide a detailed estimate breaking down the labour and material costs to transform your kitchen.

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