How we paint your kitchen...

Prepping and painting a kitchen is not a job for your average painter/decorator.  The work is incredibly repetitive and requires high levels of concentration and determination to maintain standards and attention to detail from start to finish.  It's not a job that can be completed over a few hours or days - if it is, it won't last.

We can hand-paint any kitchen i.e. dark oak, knotted orange pine, re-paint previously painted kitchens or paint new, pre-primed or bare MDF/tulip wood kitchens.  Once prepped and primed with specialist products, a beautiful and durable traditional hand-painted matt, eggshell, satin or gloss finish is applied.

  • Both sides and edges of doors and drawers are cleaned, primed and painted 
  • All pelmets, cornices, plinths, end panels and frames are cleaned, primed and painted
  • For glazed units, the interiors are often painted.  They can be picked out in a different colour or left as wood to provide a natural contrast. 
  • Generally the insides of cupboards are not painted as they are usually veneered, laminated or oiled and provide a resilient surface.

Steps taken to Prep and Paint a Kitchen

Kitchen prepped ready for painting

1. Doors and drawers removed, frames cleaned, sanded (using dust free equipment) & masked ready for primer. Worktops & floors protected. 

Doors cleaned and ready for painting

2. Doors with handles removed, cleaned, sanded, ready for primer

Erecta-rack loaded with doors.  A space and time saving storage system

3. Doors drying on our specialist paint racks (in situ or in our workshop)


4. Primer and top coats applied to all frames, plinths, pelmets, cooker hoods etc


6. Doors being refitted and adjusted ready for new handles


6. All finished, protection removed and ready for client to enjoy their "new" kitchen